Our portfolio includes more and is not limited to the following

VoIP Dialer

VoIP dialer provides following features

  • SMS based registration of Customers
  • Integration with Phone Address Book
  • App to App Calling
  • App to PSTN Calling
  • Apple In-App Purchase
  • PayPall Payment Integration
  • Integration with a2billing and FreeSwitch

Roshan Pakistan

The “Roshan Pakistan” mobile application is a step forward towards
making electricity consumers able to access Billing Details and
Information regarding Load Shedding Schedule at their finger tips.
This android based application also allows the electricity consumers
to get estimated bill through Bill Estimator by just entering
consumed units.

Cab Booking App

Cab Booking solution has a Mobile App with back-end dispatch system. Customers can register on Mobile App and can Book a Cab through App. Customer Contact Number can be verified through SMS. App provides exact location of the user on Mobile Phone. Booking request is sent to back-end dispatch system. Dispatcher can view all requests and can accept the request.

Survey Application

Conduct Surveys through Mobile App.
Invite Users Through Facebook
Rewards for survey participants
Barcode/ QR Code scanning for products surveys

MOM’s Helper

Helper Application for MOMs
Articles to solve problems during pregnancy
Weekly Articles to improve quality of life
Experts Advise with in the App

Smart Cooking

Share products recipes with customers. Allow customers to interact with products Create awareness about your product. Through Social media sharing you can increase your customers engagement. New recipes can be added from server

Winter Germ Chase

Trapped in a maze, and that too filled with germs! What are you to do? All you have to do is escape the oncoming one after another germ inside the maze. Steer clear of the germs filling in the maze every 3 seconds and acquire Dettol soap. Acquire the soap to become a Dettol Warrior and take the germs head on! Fulfill the level by surviving for 24 seconds to find yourself in the same situation again, only this time, the germs come at you faster!