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Chat Development Instant Messaging Integration

Internet has changed the way we communicate with each other and Instant Messaging is one of the services which provide communication in modern era. Chat Development helps Instant Messaging integration in Application provides ease of communication in cost effective manner.

AlqaTech offers Chat Development Services so Now it’s easy for developers to integrate Instant Messaging in Web and Mobile Applications. We are specialized in Web Chat-Development, Mobile Chat, XMPP and ejabberd technologies. We offer vast experience in this technology for enterprise-level communication, personal chat, business development communication and e-commerce chat solutions.

We have developed chat solutions which fits your business needs. We have seasoned chat engineers who have done extensive chat developments for multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Web. From basic features like One-on-one Chat to advance features like self-destructing messages, we have developed feature rich chat applications. Our chat solution easy to integrate in any product and service.

Ejabberd based Chat Development has advantage of Erlang based communication technology. Erlang is the language used to develop ejabberd Technology. XMPP is still the most reliable and secure communication protocol used for Instant Messaging and Chat Development. XMPP provides flexibility, reliability and Security. High Availability of Chat Service is possible with XMPP Based Chat Technology.


Web Based Chat

Audio Call (Web Based)

Video Call (Web Based)


Android Chat App

Video Calling

Audio Calling


iPhone Chat App

Video Calling

Audio Calling



App to PSTN Calling

Paid Call from Credit


HD Audio Video Calling

App to App Video Calling

App to App Audio Calling


Instant Messaging

Audio Video Messaging

XMPP Base Chat


PSTN Trunk Integration

LCR Based Routing

Completer Billing Solution


App to PSTN Call

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WebRTC Based Calling


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