Cloud PBX Development

Cloud PBX Development enables organization to communicate with in the organization and out of the organization easily. Cloud PBX can enable organization to save on communication cost with team members with in same premises or spread across the globe.

PBX is one of the basic requirement of any organization.

AlqaTech technologies team can provide custom CloudPBX hosted on Cloud and in-house as your organization requirements

Cloud PBX Development

Cloud PBX Support

Cloud PBX Support is very important for a cloud PBX System. We at AlqaTech realise that a system failure of your Cloud PBX system can cause your business real money. That is why we take Cloud PBX support very seriously.
Although our development team makes sure that our clients get the most stable system. But certain situations may give rise to problems in the PBX system such as, security patch installation,
new hardware compatibility, new or updated operating system compatibility issues etc.
For resolving such issues, Cloud PBX support is necessary. That is why we have a dedicated technical support team that makes sure that AlqaTech customers get instant support. You can reach us anytime for any issue with your Cloud PBS system through the following.

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