MS Teams Integration with VoIP PBX

Integrate MS Teams with VoIP PBX solution with add value to your existing VoIP infrastructure. MS teams is Microsoft’s Widely Used Telephony System and AlqaTech Specialise  in MS Teams integration with any of VoIP system. Many organisations which are using existing VoIP PBX system can take advantage of integration of PBX system with MS Teams. This integration will create single point of calls and communication for  MS Teams users with in the organisation.

  • Receive Incoming Calls on PBX with MS Teams Application
  • Dial-out from MS Teams application to External VoIP infrastructure
  • Avoid multiple accounts
  • Use existing VoIP Infrastructure  with less complexity
  • We provide interoperability between existing VoIP Phone infrastructure and clients can use existing phone numbers to contact with your teams

* Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform developed by Microsoft

ms-teams integrate with voip

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