WebRTC SDK Android

WebRTC SDK Android

WebRTC SDK Android

AlqaTech WebRTC SDK Android brings WebRTC Power to Android. Our WebRTC SDK enables any Mobile Application to work with WebRTC through legacy SIP Server. If you have existing SIP Infrastructure then you don’t need to worry about WebRTC integration in your Mobile Applications. You can simply integrate our Mobile WebRTC SDK in to your Applications.

Now Mobile Games can implements Video Audio Calling and chatting functionality so our WebRTC SDK for Android is the best WebRTC SDK for Game Developers. Game Developers can easily integrate Our WebbRTC SDK into their games and gamers can enjoy Video and Audio Chatting.

Other than Gaming our Mobile WebRTC SDK can be integrated in any Android Application.

While developing WebRTC SDK we kept in mind that there are many SIP based Signaling server are available so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We can use any SIP server like Kamailio, OpenSIP, FreeSwitch, Asterisk to integrate Audio Video Calling in Mobile Application.

AlqaTech WebRTC Android enables you to use existing SIP signaling server, it males easier to use STUN/ TURN server. WebCRT SDK establishes call through SIP Signaling and routes Media Peer-to-peer. Routing Media Peer-to-Peer increases the the Quality of Audio and Video call

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