VoIP Development Consultancy

VoIP Services are considered backbone for any business. VoIP is the technology which is playing key role in business where communication and connectivity is important. With the time VoIP has evolved too much so businesses needs reliable VoIP Development Services partner. Today’s business demand various options of communication. Either you are running a core VoIP Telecommunication business or your business needs support of VoIP Services; you can rely on AlqaTech.

AlqaTech provides VoIP Development Consultancy services on multiple Voice Over IP technologies. We offer Development of custom VoIP Applications, Modules, Customisations of existing service, Integration and support services.

The experts available at AlqaTech for VoIP development Services can develop solutions according to client’s needs and budget. If you have any specific requirement for your business related to VoIP, you can trust our team.

We provide services in VoIP Chat, Audio and Video Calling, WebRTC application, Mobile VoIP, App to PSTN and PSTN to App Calling. AlqaTech specialises in Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Kamailio, Ejabberd.

Since VoIP is continuously evolving and now WebRTC is playing big role on VoIP Communication on Web and Mobile; AlqaTech has developed solutions to integrate WebRTC based service in Web Applications and Mobile applications

ms-teams integrate with voip

Integrate MS Teams with PBX System

Extend MS Team connectivity with your PBX Solution. Integration of MS Teams with VoIP System will add value to your existing communication infrastructure.

  • Route incoming calls on PBX to MS Teams extension
  • Route Outgoing Calls from MS teams to PBX System
  • Take advantage of MS Teams connectivity and Application Solution

Mobile Calling App

Our developers have professional expertise in Mobile Calling App development. We use modern features such as 3g/4g based video calling, App to PSTN calling, In-App purchase and complete billing solutions.

Calling Card Solution

Calling-Card Solution

We can assist you with Calling-Card solution development. Our qualified professionals offer expertise in LCR based routing, Pin Authentication, Detailed CDR Reports, Called ID Authentication and Online Transaction solutions. The services are valid for both wire line and wireless networks.

WebRTC sdk android

WebRTC Development

AlqaTech strongly recommends the latest WebRTC based VoIP systems. We provide consulting services for its development and deployment. We prefer the latest tools and technologies for the WebRTC development for a standard VoIP system.


Asterisk Development

AlqaTech Specializes in Asterisk, Deployment and customization as per your business requirements. Our Asterisk Experts can Develop AGI Scripting to customize Asterisk. Our Asterisk Engineer can customize asterisk application and modules.

Kamailio Development

Kamailio Development

Many of our clients are availing our consultancy services for Kamailio development based quality SIP services. We can help you regarding all significant categories of SIP services for VoIP setup. It suits firms where thousands of call setups are needed every second. Furthermore, we have completed considerable VoIP Projects based on Asterisk development.

Cloud PBX Development

Cloud PBX Development

AlqaTech proudly offers consulting services for Cloud PBX development based VoIP systems. Being one of the latest technologies, long-term, and low-cost solution of VoIP system, most of our clients prefer Cloud PBX development for their firms.

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