WebRTC Development

WebRTC Development

AlqaTech is the best WebRTC Development Company. Our team specialize in custom WebRTC Solutions. We specialize in WebRTC Video and Audio chatting solutions development. We have integrated WebRTC in Mobile Applications and Web Applications.

Web based Real-Time Communication

Web based Real-Time Communication is the latest technology. This technology is enabling web based applications to communicate. The WebRTC is secure and reliable technology, therefore business are integrating WebRTC in their web-based products and services. Most important use-case of WebRTC is Web based Video and Audio Calling.

If you want to integrate any of the following services in your Mobile Application or Web Application then WebRTC is the best option

  1. Audio and Video Calling
  2. Audio and Video Conferencing

WebRTC integration in the Web Application is increasing. The advantage of this is that user of the application does not need to install any software on his/her computer. Currently All major Browser have the support of WebRTC.  AlqaTech WebRTC Development expertise will help you to have best WebRTC Solution.

Now Web Applications make it easier to communicate through Website like,

  • Customer can make calls from online store to your backend support team.
  • Customer can call to get real-time support through web based calling if integrated in the website.
  • Video and Audio Calling capability in the website will increase customer satisfaction and definitely will effect on the bottom line.

Which Services AlqaTech offers?

Our team offer services to build application on WebRTC like Video Calling, Audio Calling, Customer Support, Video Conferencing etc.

Since AlqaTech is WebRTC Development Company, so we have developed WebRTC service using KamailioAsterisk, FreeSwitch for Audio and Video Calling applications.

We have also developed WebRTC to SIP and SIP to WebRTC solution for routing App to PSTN Calling and PSTN to App.

WebRTC Development SDK

  • WebRTC SDK Android

We have developed our own WebRTC SDK to make Audio / Video Calls on Android.

  • WebRTC SDK iOS

We have developed our own WebRTC SDK to make Audio / Video Calls through iPhone.

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